Blessed to Have You as a Brother <3

Blessed to Have You as a Brother <3

“To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other’s hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time.” ~ Clara Ortega

The first memory I have of my elder brother from childhood, is that he was the only person in the world I hated the most. I remember him teasing me, pinching me, trying to snatch my toys just to rouse my anger, and I also remember my screaming at him, complaining to Mom, and obviously pulling his hair. I used to pull his hair so hard that I wished I could tear them from his scalp. And in return he would call me names and we both would keep fighting on and on.

As we grew older, we started to grow further apart. We stopped talking to each other; we would avoid each other like complete strangers. And then one day Mother got tired of this, she could not see her only two children acting as strangers for the rest of their lives, so she sat us down and tried to tell us what a big foolish and horrifying mistake we are making, and she cried. She cried like I had never seen before. I will not forget that day because that day we both felt we have truly disappointed our mother and how severely we are hurting this family.

So right at that moment while sitting there in front of her we shook hands with each other and promised her that we’ll try to make it right, and then for the first time in two years me and my brother hugged.

After that day we started talking and would give nervous laughs at each other’s jokes, and day by day we grew more and more at ease. He started pulling my cheeks (no, not to tease me, but with love) and I would tickle him and we would share all kinds of interests with each other. We started having inside-jokes, played together all the time and laughed our hearts out.

I finally got to know the real brother I wrongfully thought was my enemy.

As the years have passed my brother isn’t just a brother to me anymore. We share our interests and hobbies like Best Friends, we share secrets and private jokes like Sisters, he takes care of me and is possessive for me like a Mother and he stands up for me and protects me like a Father.

I’m sure all the brothers of the world are very special for their siblings; but for me absolutely NO brother in the whole world can compare to the ‘awesomeness’ of my funny, wonderful, charming, brilliant, faithful, friendly, thoughtful, loving (and sometimes-annoying) Brother :D

A picture of a 2-year-old me wrestling with my 5-year-old brother :D Yes I was very mean to him back then but the poor guy never complained!
A picture of a 2-year-old me wrestling with my 5-year-old brother :D Yes I was very mean to him back then but the poor little guy never complained!

Happy Birthday Bro! :) I may not show it sometimes, but I sure as hell love you SO much! You better believe it you big buffoon :D

You mean the World to me!