“The Special Love I Had For You, My Baby Blue” #GoodbyeBreakingBad

“The Special Love I Had For You, My Baby Blue” #GoodbyeBreakingBad

I started watching Breaking Bad around 2011, when I was desperately searching for a good TV show, then one day on IMDb I came across their Top TV Series list. Breaking Bad was listed on the Number 3 of that list right below Planet Earth and The Wire. (Nowadays it is rated Number 2 right below Planet Earth and right above Game of Thrones). I thought to myself “Breaking Bad? Hmm, catchy name..” Then I read the plot line and it intrigued me. A lot. So I started watching it and from that day on it never seized to blow me away.

Breaking Bad Logo

Vince Gilligan (you genius maniac) and the amazing writers of this show have consistently wowed me from the first episode to the epic and satisfying finale. I don’t care if anyone agrees with me or not, but for me NO other TV Show will EVER surpass Breaking Bad. Like EVERRRR. This is the finest piece of art I will ever come across :’) There are no words worthy to describe this show :’)

[SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t watched the Series Finale yet please STOP READING]

I won’t be able to go into the details of the Series Finale, you can read a Episode Recap on any other site. I’m actually just still trying to process what a magnificent journey it has been. It would seem absurd to some people but I NEVER hated Walter White. He was just a good man who broke bad. Yes his actions were horrible, they could’ve been avoided, and those actions had horrible consequences. He could’ve just quit the Meth business when he had the chance and live happily ever after with his family. But for a guy who never got praise for his immense efforts he put into helping build the now-billion-dollar company Gray Matter with his partners Gretchen and Elliot and then got majorly screwed when he got no recognition whatsoever for his work and had to work as a low pay grade teacher in a school and as a cherry on top he also got Cancer. He had to find a way to provide for his family, so he had to do what he did. But that doesn’t justify his actions at all.

Walter 'Heisenberg' White

The moral of this show is that you must NEVER do bad things for the sake of your loved ones even if it gives you all the riches in the world. All actions have consequences and they WILL comeback to haunt you. Those actions will destroy you and your loved ones. You can’t escape your own doing.

And the Series Finale gave us all that sense of closure we were all waiting for. Some people were expecting a haunting and terrible end for the great Heisenberg, that his whole family will die and he will have to live with it. But the end Vince Gilligan and the team gave us could not have been more perfect :’) As I said before I never hated Walter. I didn’t want a terrifying end for him. All that he went through, it destroyed him and his family but in the end he deserved a tiny sense of redemption for the failed life he lived. He deserved to try his best to make everything right. To tie all those loose ends. And I immensely thank the writers of this show for giving me the finale I craved to see :’)

Walter White got the closure he needed with Gretchen and Elliot. I wasn’t expecting at all that the episode will start this way. The way he waltzed into their house with such calm was just beyond amazing. And the way he managed to get his hard-earned money to his family through the same people who were the main cause of his decay into a becoming a Meth Lord was pure genius. His “assasins-will-kill-you-if-you-don’t-get-this-money-to-my-family” threat to both those d-bags and the fist bump to the back of their heads was oh so satisfying. :D Perfect, perfect, perfect!

After that Walt finally puts an end to that evil greedy b**ch Lydia by putting the infamous ricin into her ‘Stevia’ packet. Haha, that was also pure genius :D If she would’ve been left alive, running her meth empire, I would’ve totally hated that. She deserved to die a painful poisonous death. Thank you Vince and writers for this.

Then came the Walt-and-Family closure. For the first time ever he admitted that whatever he did, he didn’t just do it for his family. He did it for himself. He admitted that he liked doing it. It was the only thing which made him feel alive. He started out on this path for his family but his ultimate target was to earn $700,000, but after reaching that goal he slowly succumbed into becoming an egoistic Meth Lord ‘Heisenberg’ and finally make a name for himself, and get that recognition he always craved for.

BB White Family

He LIKED doing it. It was good to see he finally admitted that. He also disclosed the burial site of Hank and Steve, thank God for that. Marie will finally get to give her husband a proper burial. Then came one of the most heart breaking moments when he says goodbye to his daughter Holly, and leaves the house to watch Junior walk into the home, all the while silently saying goodbye to his son, a son who now despises his father. :'(

And then came the Final Showdown, and what a showdown it was!! First Walt thinks that Jessie has partnered up with Uncle Jack and crew, but then realising that Jessie has become a slave/mule for these Nazi freaks was enough to bring back his love for him, to remind him of all the times he saved him, how he loved him like his own son and then he plunges forward and saves him from the trap he built for the Nazis. Walt got to use his famous machinery building skills to make that automated machine gun. That machine was kind of a salute to the genius mind of Walter White, who always finds a way to put an end to his enemies. That opie sociopath Todd got the death he deserved. Jessie got the revenge he deserved. Seeing Todd die by Jessie’s chains around his neck was one of the most satisfying deaths on TV alongside the death of Uncle Jack by the hands of Mr. White. Jack thought Walt has come back for his money, he tries to blackmail him by saying “You want your money, right? You wanna know where it is? If you pull that trigger, you’ll never..” and then *BAM* there goes his head :D Oh Uncle Jack don’t you know that Walt doesn’t care about his money anymore? He’s not the greedy monster Heisenberg anymore. He has finally become human, a man who seeks redemption for his actions.

Then Walt and Jessie get the closure they both needed. I didn’t want Jessie to hate Walt forever. Walt always tried to look out for him. Jessie knows it too. And I’m glad he didn’t pull the trigger. Yes Jesse denied Walt the satisfaction of killing him, but that would’ve been too painful for me, and we all know Jessie isn’t a killer, he always had a soft heart, and deep inside he knows he cares about Walt no matter what. He will always care for that sick old dude who cooked meth with him in his tighty whities out in the desert :’)

Walt and Jessie

And then came the end. He walks into the meth lab, marvelling over his creation, remembering his journey, having closure with the one thing which made him feel alive, saying goodbye to his “Baby Blue” :’) The song featured in the ending scene “Baby Blue by Badfinger” perfectly complimented his final goodbye to his cursed yet magnificent life as Heisenberg, and then he lied there and died peacefully. :’)

“Guess I got what I deserved
Kept you waiting there too long, my love
All that time without a word
Didn’t know you’d think that I’d forget or I’d regret
The special love I had for you, my baby blue.”

Thank you Vince Gilligan, and all the writers and directors of this show for creating something so perfect. Thank you to Mr. Bryan Cranston for giving us the honour of witnessing the haunting yet brilliant and sublime character of Walter ‘Heisenberg’ White. No other actor in the world could have pulled this off with such perfection. Thank you to Aaron Paul for putting your heart and soul into the sweet yet cursed Jessie Pinkman. Thank you to all the remaining wonderful, beautiful cast including Anna Gunn, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, RJ Mitte, Bob Odenkirk and all the other amazing actors who made this show so believable and beautiful. I will always and forever look forward to your future works and I give you my best wishes for a wonderful life ahead.

Thank you to the whole cast and crew for creating something which will forever influence the future generation of writers and directors, something which we all will be proud to pass on to our children :’)