The Only One Stopping You from Achieving Greatness is YOU!

The Only One Stopping You from Achieving Greatness is YOU!

Negativity. Blame. Regret. Shame. These are some of the destructive parasites in the world that not just hold you back but also try their best to crush your dreams. I must confess that I am a pessimist. I blame others or myself for everything that goes wrong in my life. I have regrets, and I am ashamed that I may not be that good enough. This is maybe the only reason I’m still not able to achieve my goals.


A very dear friend of mine told me something yesterday, and I seek to work on it.

“Stop thinking negatively. It’s the only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams. Modesty is good, but underestimating yourself is NOT.”

Then I started thinking on it. I thought, when will I finally stop feeling miserable for myself? When will I stop playing the blame game and actually do something constructive? Will I spend my life’s each and every precious second on just thinking what I COULD HAVE done?

Life will keep giving me lemons and I will always think “Ergh where is the damn knife, how can I make lemonade when I don’t even have the knife to slice it, ooh I’m so miserable.”

NO!! I need to get up, grab the darn knife myself, slice that juicy lemon and squeeze the heck out of it. Every person in the world who thinks negatively is destroying their brain cells into something completely absurd. Thinking “I’m not good enough!” is practically one of the worst ways to annihilate your capabilities. What if you ARE bad at something? What if people don’t appreciate you? Does that mean that you’ll live life according to other people’s opinions?

Positive Thoughts

Every human born on this planet first learned to crawl, then stand, then start taking small steps, then walk and one day RUN! Do NOT be afraid of crawling. It will be dirty and messy but once you get a hang of it you will one day stand on your feet and in the end you WILL be the fastest darn runner anyone has ever seen in the world! You WILL sprint towards your dreams and your haters will be left behind you with the dust of your trail stinging in their eyes.

I would like to dedicate this article to that very dear friend of mine who has always supported me and motivated me. Thank you Friend! Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for standing beside me when the world seems bleak. You will always be cherished and will forever hold a treasured and deep place in my heart.


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