Reading A Game of Thrones

Reading A Game of Thrones

When I viewed the first episode of Game of Thrones TV show 2 years ago, I wasn’t impressed by it. I only saw the first episode and thought to myself “What is this?  This is not appropriate! I don’t want to watch this anymore.” And I didn’t… for one year.

Then after a year I just kept seeing all these amazing reviews all over the internet. Everyone was literally going crazy after it. So then I decided to give it another shot. When I got to know the honorable Starks, the terrible Lannisters and the fearless Targaryens, there was no stopping me. I binge watched it within 3 to 4 days. It has never ceased to amaze me. I had finally found a show that came equal to the  calibre of shows like Breaking Bad.

Game of Thrones Title

After finishing it, I realized;

“I can’t wait a YEAR for the next season, this is blasphemy, this is MADNESS!!”

So then I decided to buy the books and drink em’ all in ;) I have finished the first 2 books “A Game of Thrones” and “A Clash of Kings” and it has been a phenomenal experience.

Game of Thrones Books

Mr. George R. R. Martin is purely a genius. I have NOT read any book with this much depth and detail. From beautifully exploring the characters, to giving details about the surroundings and environments to the descriptions of food and clothing :D everything amazes me. Such a powerful and remarkable build-up of characters has not been seen in literature in recent years.

I must give a salute to the creators and writers of the show who have adapted these books to such an astounding way on screen. Staying THIS much true to the look and feel of the books is rare. Although there are some changes from the books to the TV show, but I think those were for the best and really gave the show an identity of its own. The books and the show are remarkable in their own way. Reading the books is completely a different experience and obviously far more superior to the show because you get an insight into each and every characters thoughts and feelings. You get to know why they do the things they do, which can never be portrayed with 100% accuracy on screen.

Personally I would like to recommend everyone to read the books. Watch the show first or read the books first it doesn’t matter at all. You will enjoy both equally on their own levels.

I myself will finish the 3rd, 4th and 5th books within the next 2 months and will get back to you with my review. I promise I will try my best to not spoil anything for you :P


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